Welcome To S .D. Model School

S.D.Model School was established in 1986 by the S.D.Educational Managing Committee of Sh. S.D.Sabha(Regd.) Jagadhri. It was affiliated to the C.B.S.E. in 1998 upto class X, it was got upgraded to 10+2 level in April 2002. It is Now Provisionally affiliated to C.B.S.E. It was a small seedling planted, watered, cared and nourished and over the years has grown into a full fledged tree. The School results have brought laurels to us and we affirm to keep these results continuous. We emphasize to provide recent knowledge to the young buds. It is said that education really means to prepare us to be fit citizens who can serve societies, draw out of us our mental and intellectual potentials, very much like the potter who moulds clay into clay vessels. Education has the ability to mould the child’s personality and to ensure that each child develops..

Principal's Message

S.D.M.S. gives a platform to which the young learners are endowed with the capacity t give a fillip to the exteriorization of their inner talents.Each issue of our school magazine is a milestone that marks our growth, unfolds our imagination, and gives life to our thoughts and aspirations. It unleashes a wide spectrum a creative skills ranging from writing to editing and even in designing the magazine. I congratulate the entire Editorial team for their hard work and  dedication  in making this venture a success.

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Our Shining Star

Parth- from class XI Got 2nd Prize for documentary on my father my hero out of 100 entries in Dr. Amrit Sehgal Commemorative Trophy!
XII (MEDICAL)- 92.2%
X- 95.6%
Soha Batra
Won Silver Medal in 58th National Roller Skating - At Chandigarh
Won Gold Medal in Shooting championship- At New Delhi
Parth from class XI Commerce won 2nd prize for Documentary on My Father My Hero out of 100 online Entries .
XI- Result of 10th Amrit Sehgal trophy


My experience with SDMS over the last 5 years has been very satisfying as it has provided a strong foundation for my son as he has grown thru his formative years. The learning methodology has given him the opportunity to develop his learning, exploratory and inquisitive side thru his tenure here. He and now his sister continue to enjoy themselves.

Umresh Kumar

To see our children wake up each morning and look forward to go to school is the first sign that there is something about the place that a young mind discerns, as a space she/he feels welcomed and accepted. Agreed, there have been moments of anxiety that many a parents chose to walk away from and take their ward along.