President Message

President Message's

“Only as high as we  reach can we grow,

Only as far as we seek can we go

Only as deep as we look can we see

Only as much as we dream can we be.”

Education to me is about “ Learning for self and acquiring the wisdom of life”.

With the advent of technology, as you move into a boundary-less and interconnected world, the common phrase “sky is the limit” seems a bit of cliche, since the quantum of success has grown in manifold. With success comes the attitude towards winning and spirit of achievement; and education should aim towards preparing the mindset for excellence. Experiential Learning is the key to quality education.

I congratulate Mrs. Parveen  Dewan (Principal) and staff for their single minded dedication to help the students traverse the greater heights of academic excellence and holistic growth. Last but not the least I wish the entire faculty of S.D.M.S. and  the students success in all their future endeavors.

Narender Kumar Mittal


Shree S.D.Sabha(Regd.) Jagadhri