Tiny Tots

Our Primary wing is a home away from home…! The first five years of a child’s life are vitally important. The seeds of character and conduct are sown at this stage. This being the child’s first exposure to a large school, we, primarily, aim at marking him/her feel happy, secure and loved. 

These tiny-tots have their own assembly, programmes for self expression, cultural activities and outings to nearby places under the supervision of very affectionate and caring teachers.

The School has a separate wing for tiny tots. The play way method is followed to initiate the child into the world of knowledge, wonder, music, exercise and mysteries of nature in a friendly manner.

Our school curriculum is centered on the development of the whole child.  Our goal is to provide children with a warm environment that encourages the development of their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills.  Our experienced staff embraces the viewpoint that each child is unique.  Teachers manifest their respect for children by encouraging them to think for themselves, to make decisions, to work toward their own solutions and express their own ideas and feelings.  We view parents as our partners in the education of their children and we embrace their active involvement.